Focus and Scope

Abundance and Distribution of Animals and the Relevance oo Sustainability of the Ecosystem

Animal Anatomy

Animal Behavioral and Psychological Responses to Human Activity and the Environment

Animal Care

Animal Derived Food

Animal Disease Control

Animal Diseases and Public Health

Animal Ethics and the Morality of Their Use in Human Society

Animal Feeds and Feeding

Animal Genetics and Breeding

Animal Management and Welfare Science

Animal Nutrition

Animal Reproduction

Animals and Society

Applied Biochemistry


Ecology and Conservation

Embryo Manipulation


Ethnobiological and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Animals

Evolution, Phylogeny, Genetics Taxonomy and Biodiversity of Animals


Infectious Diseases

Management of Captive and Domesticated Animals

Meat Science


Modelling Animal Systems

Molecular Biology



Pest Management


Physiology and Endocrinology

Physiology and Physical Structure of Animals (E.G., Breeding Mechanisms, Nutritional Needs, Development Etc.) and Its Relevance to the Ecosystem in Which They Live

Predator-Prey Dynamics and Interactions Between Animals in Ecological Communities

Protection and Restoration of Endangered and Threatened Species

Rehabilitation of Animals into the Wild

Veterinary Sciences


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