Thermoanalytical Study and Purity Determination of Trospium chloride and Tiemonium methylsulphate

  • lamia salam Technical Manager at National Organization of Drug Control and Research
Keywords: Trospium chloride, Tiemonium methylsulphate, Thermal analysis, TG, DTA, DSC, Purity determination.


AbstractThe thermal behavior of quaternary ammonium compounds; Trospium chloride and Tiemonium methylsulphate was investigated using different thermal techniques. The thermogravimetry method was used to study the thermal degradation and kinetic parameters; activation energy (Ea), frequency factor (A), and reaction order (n) of both drugs. The data revealed that the cited drugs followed first order kinetic behavior. The fragmentation pathway of both drugs with mass spectrometry was taken as example; to correlate the thermal decomposition with the resulted MS-EI. The melting point and purity were determined using DSC and Van’t Hoff equation for the studied drugs. The results were in agreement with the recommended pharmacopoeias. 


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