Mechanical Properties of Tri Sustainable NBR/Cement Waste/Rice Husks Silica Blend

Keywords: NBR, Mechanical properties, Cement waste and rice husk


The accumulation of agricultural and industrial manufacturing waste is an important environmental problem of the most countries in which the means of recycling these waste are not available. Therefore, it is important to find sustainable green engineering applications for the integration of these waste in the industry and be an environmental, economic and industrial competitor and alternative to materials existing now. Cement waste and rice husks silica were added as a weight nanoscale particles (1μm /0-40pphr) and (10μm /20pphr) respectively to the Acrylonitrile - butadiene rubber (NBR) for making tri sustainable blend. Elongation and modulus of elasticity were measured before and after the addition of cement waste  and rice husks to NBR by Tansometer device, The results showed improved the value of the modulus of elasticity after reinforced by  cement waste and rice husks, but and at the same time, elongation was decreased.


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