Circular Array Microstrip Antenna Embedded in Superstrates Anisotropic Media

  • Mamdoh M Gharbi
Keywords: Anisotropic, Patch Antenna, Moment Method, Dyadic Green Function, Directivity


— In this paper, the effects of anisotropy of Superstrate Anisotropic layers on Circular Patch Array antenna is studied. Circular patch antenna has outer radius of 4 mm and 2.8 mm in depth. The effect of anisotropy  properties offers remarkable directivity and gain of Circular Patch. The simulation analysis is performed using CST STUDIO SUITE® software, Matlab Program, and Moment Method (MoM) based solver. The comparison with different anisotropic materials was shown the improvement of performance of Return loss (S-parameters), Axial Ratio, Directivity and gain for Circular Patch Array antenna. The comparison of input impedance for rectangular microstrip patch using our method and a published data are found to be in good agreement.