• Karina Dafne Martinez University of Buenos Aires
Keywords: Soy Protein, Hydrolysate, Polysaccharides, Air–water interface, Surface pressure, Dynamic measurements.


The objective of the work was to study the influence of soy protein concentration, and the hydrolysis on kinetic adsorption to the air-water interface with the effect of polysaccharides addition. As starting material a sample of commercial soy protein isolate was used (SP) and hydrolysate (H) at 2, 10-2 and 10-3%wt/wt of concentrations, was produced by an enzymatic reaction. The degree of hydrolysis was 2%. The polysaccharides (PS) used at 0.25%wt/wt of final concentration were  hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (E4M) and lamda carrageenan (lC). The dynamic surface pressure of films were evaluated with a drop tensiometer. We determined the kinetic parameters of adsorption to the air-water interface: the diffusion (Kd), penetration (Kp) and rearrangement (Kr) rates of SP, H and the mixed systems with PS.The parameters of adsorption depended of the protein size; concentration and PS used.Kd and Kp showed protein or PS effects depended the concentration of protein; however, when Kr was analyzed, the effect of hydrolysis and PS added showed to have  a big importance in the films properties, which represents the behavior at long times of adsorption. 

Author Biography

Karina Dafne Martinez, University of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal


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